Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tangerine Tango

# 1. It makes me think of think of vintage books. Which I some what obsess over, yes I said books!!  Funny to most who know me well, due to that fact that I don't really read any of the books I collect.  I have a dear love for them all but I never make the time to read...(hmm, that may be something I need to change)   For now,  I just love to be surrounded by all our books in our little library room. Which someday I hope to expand into a much bigger room with a window bench.. You know a nice cozy spot to "read" and relax... Lol, (reality) and place that will look pretty and probably only be used be my sweet Sammy girl to patrol the neighborhood.

# 2. It is a fantastic fashion accent color...  Even for girls with green skin, aka me.  Ok, probably  not the best color on me, but I love it anyways.  I have this great satin jacket that went out of style 4 years ago, I love it though.  I'm always looking for a reason to wear it.  It seems that only one time a year is ever appropriate though :(  I have never really been one to care what others think about my fashion style, but I was teased by my dad and hubby the first time I wore it years ago.  They said I made a beautiful pumpkin princess, so well it stuck and I dig it out every Halloween, just to wear it in public.  Even if I look like a pumpkin princess :) Someday I'll post a pic of it or here, to share with the rest of the world.

# 3. I love Tangerine Tango.... Because, Hello... Tango!  Who doesn't love the romantic steps of a good Tango?  There is something so interesting about the Tango.  Someday Mr. Carter and I will take lessons and be pros at the gorgeous dance.  Until then I will just admire from a distance those who have it down.

Interesting Info:

Tango History
Written by Lori Heikkila
Tango (the dance with the stop "Baille Con Carte") is one of the most fascinating of all dances. Originating in Spain or Morocco, the Tango was introduced to the New World by the Spanish settlers, eventually coming back to Spain with Black and Creole influences.
In the early 19th Century, the Tango was a solo dance performed by the woman. The Andalusian Tango was later done by one or two couples walking together using castanets. The dance was soon considered immoral with its flirting music!
Ballroom Tango originated in the lower class of Buenos Aires, especially in the "Bario de las Ranas". Clothing was dictated by full skirts for the woman and gauchos with high boots and spurs for the man.
The story of Tango as told is that it started with the gauchos of Argentina. They wore chaps that had hardened from the foam and sweat of the horses body. Hence to gauchos walked with knees flexed. They would go to the crowded night clubs and ask the local girls to dance. Since the gaucho hadn't showered, the lady would dance in the crook of the man's right arm, holding her head back. Her right hand was held low on his left hip, close to his pocket, looking for a payment for dancing with him. The man danced in a curving fashion because the floor was small with round tables, so he danced around and between them.
The dance spread throughout Europe in the 1900's. Originally popularized in New York in the winter of 1910 - 1911, Rudolph Valentino then made the Tango a hit in 1921.
As time elapsed and the music became more subdued, the dance was finally considered respectable even in Argentina.
Styles vary in Tango: Argentine, French, Gaucho and International. Still, Tango has become one of our American 'Standards' regardless of its origin. The Americanized version is a combination of the best parts of each. The principals involved are the same for any good dancing. First, the dance must fit the music. Second, it must contain the basic characteristic that sets it apart from other dances. Third, it must be comfortable and pleasing to do.
Phrasing is an important part of Tango. Most Tango music phrased to 16 or 32 beats of music. Tango music is like a story. It contains paragraphs (Major phrases); sentences (Minor phrases); and the period at the end of the sentence is the Tango close.
For exhibition dancing, a Tango dancer must develop a strong connection with the music, the dance and the audience. The audience can only feel this connection if the performer feels and projects this feeling. So it is when dancing for your own pleasure -- and your partner's!
"The Tango is the easiest dance. If you make a mistake and get tangled up, you just Tango on."

# 4. I LOVE tangerines, yes I said I LOVE tangerines, I know, I know it's a fruit.  But let me share with you ONE of the many strange facts about me.  I'm allergic to oranges.. and well that a terrible thing in the small world of Skye...  There really isn't any other flavor I can honestly say I love more when it comes to the fruit families.  But, due to the fact I don't love my throat swelling and tongue getting hugely puffy, I stay away from eating those little buggers and go for tangerines. Which strangely do not affect me like oranges, even though they are of the same family.  BTW:

# 5. Actually this is #1. I saved the best for last.   I an happy Tangerine Tango is 2012 color of the year.  It needed to get its mark in time, because...wait..for..it......My sweet baby boy has the most awesome red hair that can be most accurately described as Tangerine!!  I know....I know,  mommies are incredibly partial to how cute and handsome there baby boys are BUT.... not all mommies can be right.  Just ME!!  My little man is the cutest most handsome tangerine haired kiddo in the WORLD  :)

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